There are generally two types of
coffee beans: Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta beans were originally grown in
sub-Saharan Africa. They contain almost twice as
much caffeine as Arabica beans. However, these
beans are not as flavorful as Arabica beans. Robusta beans are now primarily grown in Vietnam and are used in most commercial coffees bought at grocery stores.

St. Joe’s Java uses only Arabica coffee beans in its coffee. Arabica beans were first discovered in Yemen on the
southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
They are usually grown in the mountains at elevations
between 4,000 and 5,000 feet above sea level. The
Arabica beans flavor is enhanced by the local surroundings so that you will often find very distinct differences in the
flavors of the coffees produced by Arabica beans
from different areas.

At, St. Joe’s Java, we have selected blends that take
advantage of these flavors. By varying the bean
combinations coffee roasters are able to entice subtle flavor differences out of the coffee.

We know that you will enjoy the blends of St. Joe’s Java