After your order of St. Joe's Java has been
placed, it will be shipped and delivered to your house within a few days. Now, of course, we don't expect or suggest  that you brew all your coffee at once--talk about the jitters! So we've done the research and have discovered  the best ways to store your
St. Joe's Java and preserve its heavenly taste

As soon as we roast the coffee beans (grinding optional),  we put them in a vacuum sealed bag with a special  valve button to allow roasting gases to be released. The vacuum bag allows the coffee to remain fresh for up to three months.

The biggest threats to the flavor of coffee are
air, moisture, heat, and light. So the best place to store your coffee would be cool, dark, and dry--such as pantries and cabinets. Coffee should not be kept in the refrigerator or freezer because they tend to be too moist. Avoid putting coffee next to ovens and stoves.

You should store your coffee in opaque,
air tight containers. Glass, ceramic, or non-reactive metal containers with airtight gaskets are best. For the best flavor, use ground coffee within two weeks and whole beans within one month of delivery. It will keep longer, but it will lose some of its taste.

The best solution is to drink your coffee quickly
and order more right way.
All of us will be happier that way, right?