St. Joe’s Java was established to help support St. Joseph Radio in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, the Rome of the West, whose mission it is to "Change the World One Soul at a Time."
St. Joe’s Java is committed to providing quality, freshly roasted coffee at reasonable prices. No coffee is roasted before you order it. Once it is roasted, it is shipped within a day of your order, and you will receive it within a few days. Meaning you cannot find fresher coffee beans anywhere else.
In our regular blends we have sought to deliver the best coffee possible to our customers. We also continue to seek out exceptional blends to offer as monthly (and liturgically seasonal) specials.
 All of the profits from St. Joe’s Java go directly to St. Joseph Radio and its affiliate, I.H.S. Productions, to produce audio and video material to evangelize the world. St. Joseph Radio, through its weekly radio program “St. Joseph Radio Presents", broadcast worldwide, brings guest speakers and experts to discuss the current issues that are affecting the Catholic Church and individual Catholics. Through I.H.S. Productions, St. Joseph Radio produces and distributes videos by prominent Catholics dealing with issues which concern Catholics worldwide, particularly in our highly secularized society.
Currently all of the activities of St. Joseph Radio are
conducted by volunteers, including a number of young people. It is hoped that the profits from the sale of St. Joe’s Java will allow us to hire these young people so that they can continue to be actively involved in Catholic evangelization.

We pray that you will join us in this work,
and please be assured of our prayers for all of you.